HTOF relies on donations to provide food, education, healthcare, and a safe and warm home to our twenty-five orphans and other community members. Please give what you can. A little goes a long way in making the future our children brighter and happier.

We have 3  ways to receive your donations,

                           1. Through

Through   (Fastest ,easy, cheap & safe)

Here are instructions below:
Send money to:
Send a secure:  Mobile money transfer to Tanzania
Mobile money payout network:  Tigo pesa Mobile money account
Name: Joseph Mbwaga
Mobile number: (+255) 0717596666
we will receive your donation within 1hour

2. Through

3. Through our Bank account

Account Holder: Help The Orphans Foundation,

Address: P.O. Box 29, Mbeya, Tanzania

Bank Name: Cooperative Rural Development Bank (CRDB)

Branch: Kibaha Branch

Bank Address: Njuweni-Morogoro Rd, Kibaha

Account Number: 0150253647600


Asante Sana na Mungu Akubariki!

"Thank You and God Bless You" in Swahili





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