Ever thought about coming to Africa? Volunteering with HTOF is the perfect oppurtunity to experience real African life while doing something very important and lasting. Farming and construction experience is especially appreciated. Submit a volunteer application and we will get back to you soon!

Ever wanted to see Africa? HTOF offers the perfect oppurtunity to experience real African culture while doing something lasting and important!



Take a summer or semester and volunteer with us in Africa. Experience real African life and learn Swahili! Also gain valuable knowledge teaching, farming, and traveling as you find your way into beautiful western Tanzania. 


We NEED teachers and healthcare providors. Our kids are very eager to learn, but without you, it is very difficult to provide good lessons while we managing everything else. We also need healthcare providors that can do physicals, adminster vaccines, and make medical recommendations. Please consider spending a few weeks to make a BIG difference in our kid's lives. 



Call us:

+255 717 596 666

Or Whatsapp: https://wa.me/255787786488


P.O. Box 29 Igamba Mbeya, Tanzania

P.O. Box 30481 Kibaha Coast Region

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