Contruct Permanent Residence

We have broken ground for a large buiding that will accomodate our 25 orphans and volunteers while serving as a school for the orphans and other impoverished children in the community. 

Build Public Restroom

Without access to plumbing and a scacre water supply, a safe and sanitary restroom was a critical need in Igamba. Through donations and volunteers, HTOF was able to contruct a large community restroom with a septic system that safely and sustainably controls waste.

Establish a School

HTOF believes a good education is the way to a better life, and is striving to establish an internationally-minded school for the orphans and others in the community. 

Provide Healthcare

Currently the orphans, and many others in Igamba, have virtually no access to healthcare facilities. HTOF is hoping to change that by establishing a clinic at the oprhange for the children and community, sustaine4d through volunteer efforts and medical supply donations.


Feeding Program

HTOF provides its ever increasing numbers with healthy, well-rounded meals. Your donation is needed to continue to provide nutrious meals to our kids. 

Community Counseling

​Many of our kids are victims of abuse and assualt, physical and sexual. We hope to create a counseling center in our orphage to help address these emtionally devastating experiences and help the kids cope and progress towards a happy, hopeful future.